About Us



Alasdair MacRae has been around border collies almost his entire life. He grew up on a farm in Lochailort, Scotland. As a boy of eight, he got his first border collie. While he did not have him trained for sheep, Alasdair trained Pal to do almost everything else. From playing soccer (both offense and defense!) to hide and seek, and every trick an eight year old can imagine, Pal was a tremendous companion and friend. Their relationship gave Alasdair great insight into the complexity and extraordinary ability of Border Collies.

The rest, as they say, is history. Alasdair is without question the most accomplished handler in North America.

Patricia got her first puppy, Bear, in 2000 and discovered trialing in 2002.  In 2008, she was 3rd & 10th in Final with Max & Bear, respectively. Alba Cap is a relative to both dogs and Patricia and Cap won the National in 2012.

Alasdair and Patricia breed, train, trial and sell dogs professionally. They trial across the U.S. with their own dogs, as well as client dogs, and give clinics and lessons nation-wide.



Photo by Kerri Black