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Frequently Asked Questions about The Academy:

What kinds of memberships do you offer?

We offer Premium and Basic (free) memberships. Premium memberships will give you access to EVERYTHING on the MacRae Way Academy.  Please see below for our membership options.

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Is a Basic membership really free?

Absolutely.  Many of the articles and videos, and the podcasts too, are available to Basic members of the MacRae Academy.

Is my payment information safe?

We use the PayPal gateway to process your payment. This is a best-in-class payment solution, and we store no personal or financial information on our site, beyond your name and email address.

How do I upgrade my membership?

If you want to change your membership from Basic to premium, go to your Account page and select Subscriptions. Then click Change Plan and select the Premium plan you’d like.

How am I billed?

It depends on which membership you select. All memberships are recurring and you are billed based on the terms of the type you select. We have a billing membership to meet every need!

How do I cancel?

To cancel your Premium RECURRING membership (ALL memberships automatically renew),  go to My Account -> Subscriptions, and select Cancel.  Your Premium membership will not be renewed on the next payment date, while you will remain Premium for the remainder of the period for which you have already paid.

Can I ask you questions about Academy content?

We try to answer all general questions and are happy to help! Additionally, we’ve created a tutorial to show you how to access your favorite content, in just 2 clicks!


We take the responsibility of advising handlers with their dogs very seriously, as helping the dogs and handlers is our priority.  To that end we only advise when we can see your dog and we have that visual as a basis for one on one discussion (i.e a video of your dog and a real time lesson ).  If you have a question that references video in the Academy and would like a very detailed response, we have also do virtual lessons; details for those which can be found here, Virtual Remote Lessons


Without that if you ask a question based on a description of what your dog is doing, that is your impression of the circumstance, which may not accurately represent what is happening.  The question is formulated based on your interpretation, and further subject to our interpretation of your account – a very risky proposition. If you or we are incorrect, the recommendation provided may actually cause more harm than good.

For example, if your dog had a great deal of eye and we (and you) did not know this and it was not evident from your assessment and we then advised that you stopped your dog more frequently that advice may actually exacerbate the eye in your dog, making for a greater problem. Yet for the dog without a great deal of eye it might be very sound advice. This applies not just to eye but to all different types of problems and different types of dogs. Dogs that are very flanky require a different approach than the line dog, the excitable dog versus the cautious dog, the confident dog compared to the dog that needs confidence built, etc.  Additionally, many words have different meaning to different people. The definition is vast for: forward, square flanks, straight lines, tight turns, feel, power, honest attempt and the list continues.

You can see the inherent risk in providing advice without absolutely seeing the dog, the situation and having that specific example as a point of reference in a one on one discussion. If we have a video we can reference, we can absolutely set up a lesson!

Are the videos available on an iPad and/or tablet?

YES!  All courses are delivered via streaming video and viewable 24/7.  In addition to viewing on your computer our product does support playback on mobile operating systems such as iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android.


What should I do if I’m having a problem with accessing content?

Please contact us with any problems at