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Our passion is to increase the mutual understanding between handlers and their dogs, making training more enjoyable for both, and helping dogs reach their full potential.  This section is dedicated to sharing trial news and results, anecdotes about great dogs of the past and present, videos, articles and all the news that’s fit to print!

Top handler, Tommy Wilson has been a joyous addition to the US handlers tent since 1987. If you’re looking for excellent humor, brilliant insight into the dogs or instructions on how to do the breast stoke on a pool table (Meeker, The Rustic, circa 1988), then Tommy is your man!!  (pictured from left: Michael Gallagher, Dee Penatzer, Tommy Wilson, Alasdair)

Videos, Articles and Podcasts

Mist Over Modiart [Video]

The Bluegrass field was bathed in mist the morning after the trial. Alasdair played a tune he wrote while I videoed and it married the image so well, I could almost see the music!
Tipsy Gypsy [Video}

Alasdair wrote a new tune that I love. Here, he plays it on the tin whistle and I added some favorite dog pictures for video
A Chat with Alasdair, by Paddy Fanning and Churchmont Sheepdogs

Paddy Fanning interviews Supreme Champion, Scottish National Champion and 13 time US National Champion, Alasdair MacRae.
Alba Tweed and Alasdair win the 2018 US National [Article]

Tweed is the 4th generation of our line to win the National and Alasdair captures his unprecedented 13th US title!
An Excerpt from "An Armchair Discussion about Judging", A Story About Davy McTier [Video]

In this excerpt Alasdair tells an insightful story about judging from the great Davy McTier
Some of your Favorite Handlers, 2018 US National, Alturas [Video]
At the National, I interviewed some of your favorite handlers in an effort to peel back the layers of the onion, and get to the heart of what makes them tick. The really meaningful questions, like: Waffles or Pancakes?
A Chat with Tommy Wilson [Podcast]

Tommy has won more trials than I can recount, including Meeker, Soldier Hollow and the Bluegrass. In addition to an excellent handler and trainer, he’s a true sportsman with a fantastic sense of humor.
Ten Tips to Learning On Line [Article]

Recommendations for maximizing the value of your online learning.
NC State 2018 Report [Article]
Bluegrass 2018 Report [Article]
Missouri State Championship Report [Article]
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Sheds and Pens, Steve Munson Memorial SDT [Video]

Some sheds and pens from the 2017 Steve Munson Memorial -Ettrick Kennels SDT, Butler, MO
Alasdair and Bill, Bluegrass Classic [Video]

Alasdair analyzes his winning Double-lift run with Bill from the Bluegrass Classic SDT.
A Discussion About Power [Video]

Alasdair discusses the concept of power in dogs.

It’s all in your head! The mental aspect of sheepdog trialing [Article ]

What working a single can tell you about your dog [Article + Video]

Preparing for the US National: An Interview with 12-time Champion, Alasdair MacRae [Article]
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