Driving, flanks, pens, sheds, turnbacks


Teaching Pace [Video]

This video details our proven 6-step formula to effectively and intuitively teach pace to your dog while keeping your dog positive and confident in his work.

The Triangle - a Driving Exercises [Video]
This exercise is for gently opening flanks and teaching dogs to drive straight line and then release, as you would with panels at the trials.

Important Advice When Starting to Teach the Drive [Article]

Avoiding A Common Mistake When Starting to Teach the Drive [Article]
Putting pressure on sheep - what it means and why it's important [Article]
4 Tips when working at hand [Video]

4 things to look for when working at hand -an analysis of Wisp’s flanks and shed.
An Analysis of a Shed [Video]

Alasdair analyzes a shed by Nell in slow motion.
4 Tips to Increase Enthusiasm at the Shed [Video]

Four key tips to increase your dog's enthusiasm and confidence at the shed.
A Discussion about Shedding with Alasdair [Video]

A comprehensive armchair conversation with Alasdair on the principals and standards of shedding, as well as how we start instructing this important phase of work with our dogs.
The Importance of Working a Single [Video]

Working a single is both an excellent and important way to evaluate your dog.

What working a single can tell you about your dog [Article]

Teaching Your Dog to Turnback Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought! [Article]
Foundation of the Turnback [Video]

Why introducing turnbacks when your dog is young will increase his enthusiasm, confidence and proficiency.
An Overhead View of Nell's Turnback as Seen by a Drone [Video]

Watch a free preview of our online course, The Turnback.