Key Concepts


Desire Before Discipline [Article]
Desire before discipline is an extremely important concept, but what exactly does it mean?
Sweep & Jim: An Analysis of Shifting Ewes with Lambs [Video]

Important qualities that can be assessed when shifting ewes with lambs
Encouraging Confidence While Training [Video]

An in depth analysis of how handling one aspect on the fetch can profoundly impact your dog's overall enthusiasm and enjoyment of work as well as performance at the trials.

It’s all in your head! The mental aspect of trialing [Article]
The Importance of Working a Single [Video]

Working a single is both an excellent and important way to evaluate your dog.
Foundation of the Turnback [Video]

Why introducing turnbacks when your dog is young will increase his enthusiasm, confidence and proficiency.
Balance Point [Video]

Balance point, the fuel that makes the engine run. Balance point is the foundation of the MacRae Way System and the key to helping your dog become the very best sheepdog he or she can be!
How the "Lie Down" can help you, help your dog [Video]

The lie down - how it helps you, help your dog at every stage.
Teaching the lie down, on and off sheep [Video]

A detailed illustration of how to teach the "Lie Down" command off sheep with our 4 step formula, and an example of how to transfer it to sheep.

Important Advice When Starting to Teach the Drive [Article]

What working a single can tell you about your dog [Article]