Judging and Analysis


Alasdair judges and analyzes his run with Tweed at the 2018 Bluegrass Classic [Video]

The Pen - an Analysis [Video]
In this video, Alasdair analyzes, judges, and reflects on his and Tod’s pen, with savvy dog-broke sheep from the Happy Hollow Trial.

Nite and Dot - Trial Debuts [Video]
This video includes their full runs, analysis of their performance and development, as well as next steps in their training.
An analysis of a single [Video]
Patricia analyzes 3 critical aspects of Jim's single at the Steve Munson Memorial SDT 2017.
An analysis of Alasdair and Tweed's pen and shed [Video]

Alasdair reflects and analyzes his pen and shed from the 2017 Cedar Stone SDT
Judging the shed [Video]

Whether you aspire to compete at trials or judge them, this video, in which Alasdair judges many competition style sheds, is an excellent and very valuable tool.
Alasdair and Bill [Video]

Alasdair analyzes his and Bill's winning run from the 2004 Blue Grass Classic Double Lift Final.