Course Descriptions

MacRae Way: Starting Dogs

Our flagship offering, MacRae Way: Starting Young Dogs, is a comprehensive course designed to help you train your dog to become the very best sheepdog he or she can be!  Through 4 hours of video footage, we present 7 young dogs and their progression in various stages of early training. We outline our positive, intuitive approach to training and provide quantifiable exercises that you can replicate at home. We believe the early training is the key to your dog’s happiness and success and our method will provide you a foundation that will carry your dog all the way through the very highest level.  Starting Dogs is $199.00 USD for 6 weeks of access.

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MacRae Way: The Outrun

  • Want to develop the outrun so your dog has enthusiasm and enjoyment ?
  • Interested in 20 points for your dog’s outrun at the trials?
  • Want to intuitively prepare your dog for turnbacks & redirects on the fly?
  • Want to learn how we develop naturally tight running dogs  into good outrunners?

In this course, we train 5 dogs, detailing our system founded on balance point. It is designed for both the natural outrunner and dogs that need training to achieve an outrun. It details the steps for a training a solid foundation as well as providing our proven method to widen an outrun (for advanced handlers), while establishing a foundation that encourages turn backs and enables redirects on the fly.  The Outrun is $69.00 USD for 4 weeks of access.

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MacRae Way: The Drive

  • Interested in making your dog a more confident and positive driver?
  • Looking for a system that makes driving intuitive and includes: inside flanks, applying pressure, shaping flanks and exercises to improve precision?
  • Want to learn how your dog can dictate the pace to the sheep rather than the sheep set the pace for your dog?
  • Need help addressing how to teach a flanky dog, a dog that wants to head sheep or a dog with little eye, how to drive?
  • Looking for exercises to enhance your proficiency?

In this course we instruct 7 dogs at various levels, and detail our compartmentalized method, breaking the Drive down into 4 intuitive stages.  Additionally, we identify best practices and provide exercises you can replicate at home, for beginners as well as those designed expressly for experienced trainers and dogs.  The Drive is $99.00 USD for 4 weeks of access. 

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MacRae Way: The Shed

  • Interested in making your dog a more confident and skilled shedder?
  • Want to get 10 points for the shed at the trials?
  • Want to maximize your dog’s enthusiasm and effectiveness in the ring?
  • Looking for a competitive edge in the Open (and aspiring) level?
  • Want exercises to enhance your shedding proficiency?

The Shed outlines our method for instructing this phase of work in explicit detail, from our dog’s first exposure to the 2 stages of intermediate shedding, and ultimately, the Open level. In this course, we detail the 3 stages of the shed and train 9 dogs at different levels.
Additionally, Alasdair judges a series of sheds with analysis and point deduction. The course is designed to instruct a dog from start to finish at the shed and is our most comprehensive and complete shed offering. The Shed is $99 USD for 4 weeks  of access.

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MacRae Way: The Pen

  • Interested in making you and your dog more successful at the pen?
  • Want to learn principals of penning for young dogs as well as the bells and whistles we teach our open dogs?
  • Looking for exercises to enhance your proficiency?
  • Interested in learning our standards for judging and how to retain the maximum number of points?

In this course we explain the3 C’s of penning. while training 7 different dogs at various stages. We also detail, “keeps and “outs”as well as provide exercises to improve proficiency and examples of our approach to judging the pen.

The Pen is $49.00 USD for 4 weeks of access.

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MacRae Way: The TURNBACK

  • Interested in making your dog positive and enthusiastic on the Turnback?
  • Want your dog to understand and enjoy Turning back?
  • Want to provide a foundation for your dog that instills confidence and desire when Turning back?

In this Course we detail our 3 stages to training the turnback  and explain how we build on that foundation to develop our dogs into experts at turning back.  We highlight the significance of making the Turnback enjoyable and fun for our dogs and provide handlers with a training system that is intuitive and extremely effective for all types of dogs. The Turnback is $149.00 USD for 4 weeks of access.

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GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in $25 denominations. These gift certificates can be used to purchase MacRae Way Online courses or to purchase lessons (online and in person).

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